Written by Madeleine Shaw on Jan. 16th 2019
One of the most common things I hear from my clients is this:

"I am so flat out running around trying to get the absolute must-do's done, I have absolutely zero time left for anything else. I never play"

And that's a problem. You need time to play - but you also need play to have time.

Written by Madeleine Shaw on Jan. 3rd 2019
How do you mentally picture time?

We all have a timeline that we use to organise our ideas about the past, present and future. We sense the past as being in one direction and the future as being in another, with “now” somewhere in between.

Stop and think for a moment. Where is yesterday? Point in that direction. Where is tomorrow? Where is now? Until we think about this consciously, it’s one of those things we take for granted and assume is the same for everyone. In fact, people’s timelines can vary amazingly.
Written by Madeleine Shaw on Dec. 6th 2018
So, we’re not actually designed to multi-task. Our brains go all over the shop and we do everything worse than if we did it with focus. You know when you’re having half a conversation with someone and you don’t really engage, and they get irritated or disappointed, and words from the conversation end up randomly in your poorly drafted email? That. So try giving your mind a break, to see what it’s really capable of.

Multi-tasking is stressful, it's highly inefficient and worst of all, it makes you feel terrible! So here's an idea for you.

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