Written by Madeleine Shaw on Jan 3rd, 2019
How do you mentally picture time?

We all have a timeline that we use to organise our ideas about the past, present and future. We sense the past as being in one direction and the future as being in another, with “now” somewhere in between.

Stop and think for a moment. Where is yesterday? Point in that direction. Where is tomorrow? Where is now? Until we think about this consciously, it’s one of those things we take for granted and assume is the same for everyone. In fact, people’s timelines can vary amazingly.

Our minds work with symbols and it is powerful to become aware of how we are thinking about time. It seems ridiculously simple, but re-arranging our mental timelines can make a huge difference to our perspective on things.

Trouble can arise when our timelines are set up in a way that’s not working for us. 

For example, I had a client who was fixated on a particular event from her past. It turns out for her, the past was directly behind her and the future was in front… So far so good, BUT she had “now” about an arm’s length in front of her, and in between her face and “now” was the event. 

It was blocking her view and making it impossible to see her future. 

We did a visualisation to move the event to behind her. She then felt a rush of lightness, and optimism about her future. It almost seems like magic – but it works.

Timelines have come up with quite a few of my clients recently and it is always great to be able to help them to get clear and functional about how they are organising their thoughts about their past, present and future. 

Madeleine Shaw

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