From Soul Crushed to Spirited
Escape from the time trap
I help smart but stressed out professional women to stop drowning in overwhelm by profoundly transforming their relationship with time.

Instead of constantly racing to do too much with too little, you will experience ease and clarity in your week without sacrificing anything that matters.

My name is Madeleine Shaw. My work today is the distillation of my work with thousands of people over the past decade - as well as on myself! I used to be a stressed out corporate lawyer and felt like my head would explode wth the endless pressure. Work, family, traffic, email, difficult co-workers, you name it - I felt it. The constant struggle to stay afloat. Now, I know the secrets to overcoming this struggle. Now, I enjoy almost every single day completely free from time-pressure AND I'm actually achieving more of what's important to me.

Replace overwhelm, hurry and stress with focus, calm, spaciousness and perspective. Feel on top of your game and be present for your life.

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